Ernest Hemingway Clothing

Ernest Hemingway Casual Linen Summer Shirt


As with all of our products, we make the Hemingway casual linen shirt ourselves and for we buy the fabric from Solbiati of Italy, the best linen mill in the world. The difference between cheap linen and high grade linen such as this is longevity, drape, softness, and the correct method of production.

Here are all the stages of linen production if it is produced as it should be with no. shortcuts or chemicals:

  1. Flax plants are picked and then processed into straw using machines;
  2. Straw is spread onto the field for two to three weeks to have them soaked in dew so it will make it easier to separate the fiber parts (stalks);
  3. The dew-soaked straw is then gathered, dried, broken, and finally pulled; It is during this process that stalks and the inner firm parts of straw are separated;
  4. After that, stalks are formed into a band, and a thin twisted thread is made – which is called rove;
  5. It is only then that pure line fabric is weaved from this rove;
  6. Finished canvases are bleached and dyed in different colors or left as they are to keep their natural color.

Finally, it is important to note that long-stalked flax is famous for being a zero-waste material.

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